A Life in Medicine

Dr. George Thomas Gamblin lived his life in a way that everyone who knew him admired. He was a thoughtful and kind man, two qualities that made medicine an ideal profession. After earning his MD from the University of Mississippi, George went on to complete his residency at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. He continued his career as a Naval officer and physician at Portsmouth Naval Hospital and served as a medical officer aboard the USS Virginia. After his service in the United States Navy, George went into private practice with a specialty in Endocrinology in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he practiced medicine for nearly 30 years. 

A Love for Family

Despite his own accomplishments, George remained most proud of his family and their successes. He and his wife, Barbara, were married for 43 years, and raised two children, Todd and Mary Margaret. Though he was known as a hard-working, respected physician, George was every bit as much of a devoted father and husband. Todd and Mary Margaret's childhood days were spent listening to their dad play "Proud Mary" on his acoustic guitar, swimming competitively with their father's passionate encouragement, and pursuing academic success. Both children fondly remember being quizzed on SAT vocabulary words at the dinner table and the sense of pride their father felt and showed them when they received athletic, academic, or professional accolades throughout their lives. George was the family pillar; always strong and stoic, his support and love was never-ending. 


Inspiration and Legacy

It is hard to capture in words the impact that George had on the lives of those around him. His love for his family ran deep, and his zest for life was inspiring. He was a dreamer and deep thinker who lived in awe and wonder of the natural world, with a particular fondness and reverence for trees. After retiring and moving to California, he loved hiking through Muir Woods to take in the redwoods and spent many weekends with his wife and beloved pup, Lucy, in Yosemite. George's spirit will live on amidst those woods, through the memories of those who loved him, and through the contributions and scholarship made in his name.